Wednesday, December 31

My Mum asked me yesterday, when I was watching the Screaming For More Screaming Rip Off DVD, 'Tatu? The lesbians? Are they still going?', before breaking into a 'It's just noise!' speech.

But they are! They're still going!

Not only are they making two films, a reality TV show for MTV, recording a new album and running around Japan in funny teeshirts, Tat and Tu have just announced that they are going to run for joint presidency of Russia!

Oh, how exciting! This is what we want from pop! You hear that, Fuller?

Thanks, Josh.

Tuesday, December 30


Not only does Liz Phair have a naked-looking lady with a guitar between her legs and an ace haircut on the front, but it looks like it has masking tape stuck to the CD inside - but it doesn't!

It's ace.

You should buy this CD, because 'Rock Me' namechecks Liz Phair, and 'Little Digger' is amongst very few songs written about the writer's children which isn't trite nonsense.

Oh, and Liz Phair sings like Madonna.

Monday, December 29

Worst Album Title Ever

Scott Cain - Controlled Folly

Actually, just as I type this, I've recieved an e-mail from Alyson 'Ah Controlled Folly...never was an album better named...' Well....never was an album WORSE what I was thinking. I mean...Controlled Folly? That is laugh out loud fucking ridiculous. At the time I had a huge giggle when the title was announced, and it remains just as spastic to this day.

Not as hilariously spastic as Scott Cain's career, but we all know that. And I of course have a very interesting story to tell of the day Scott Cain banged into me when I was buying a Madonna DVD, but that's for another time. Actually... that is the story. Ah well, that's given the whole thing away.

Long Forgotten Groups
Remember supremely unbonza girl group Dream? For some reason I've put their album on. It's definitely one of the worst cds I've ever owned, if not THE worst.

It's a VERY uninteresting story of how I came to own this cd - I remember I bought the single of He Loves You Not, (which is the only good song), and, in what was a major scandal at the time - the single did not contain the single version of the song! Only remixes! So, I went and bought the album. That was very sneaky of Dream to do, and I'll never forgive them.

It's Going Straight On The Wall
There's a great supportive poster of Guy in TV Week, which I had to scan because it is just so fantastic.

Alright, no more Guy propaganda for today.

Sunday, December 28

If Only
What with all this sudden anti-Guy sentiment, I'm beginning to wish we'd sent our Bling King Levi along to represent us, because no-one would dare argue with HIS greatness.

No but seriously, I miss Levi. If there was one finalist from the top 12 I would want to see get a record deal and release a cd it would be him.

Top 5 Oz Idol Finalists I Wanna See A CD From, Pronto!

1. Levi
2. Millsy
3. Paulini
4. Cosima
5. Shannon*

*Not reallly, but I needed a top 5.

The other four though, get cracking!

- To learn to play the ukulele.
- To learn to play the laptop (it's a real instrument!).
- To start my first novel.
- To write a children's story.
- To go on holiday. Twice.
- To sustain a relationship.
- To find pop music exciting again.

Wish me luck!


Kurt has been adopted by The Other Site and The Face as 'the bastard son of pop', an anti-dote to the formulaic, manufactured side of the music industry - World Of Kurt


I wanted to like Kurt. I really, really did. But his music's shit. And he's turned out to be a wannabe-anti-establishment, hugely-stereotypically-Queeny cunt.

We won't talk about him anymore, thank you.


1. In the picture above, Alex looks ace. And she's wearing pink and black. She comes colour coordinated!
2. She's also wearing what appears to be a legwarmer, but on her arm. The kooky bitch!
3. And you can see her pants! Has Guy ever showed his pants? No! The frigid git!
4. The Lady Of The Y sent me an e-mail this morning, commending my good taste. Nobody ever congratulated me for liking Guy.
5. Guy can sing.

Saturday, December 27


I think Michelle winning Pop Idol goes a long way in summing up how I feel about pop at the moment. I'm fed up. Because it's rubbish. Because everything is trite, or ironic, or nostalgic, or retro, or cool. Because there hasn't been anyone along in a long while who really beleives in what they're doing, at least not in the public eye.

If Michelle's single goes to number one then we may as well hammer a dirty great boot into pop's corpse and let in rot in its pit for all of eternity. And I can't have myself buying garage rock CDs.

A campaign will be started.

And justice will be done.

You have been forewarned.

Top 10 Reasons GUY Must Win World Idol

Not in any particular order:

1. He's Aussie
2. He has super powers of virginity
3. He is a great role model to the youth of the world
4. He is the nicest person that has ever lived
5. And the best singer of our generation
6. Controversy - who needs it?
7. He wasn't ashamed of being on World Idol, unlike SOME
8. He is a great dresser
9. He defines the word bonza with a capital B
10. The judges, showing remarkable good taste, all thought he was the bomb

2003 - A YEAR:
2003 - at once the best and worst year pop has seen in a very long time. On one hand, we've seen Russian lesbians ride it out at number one, Madonna and Kelly and Sophie releasing new albums, Patrick Wolf's fully-fledged arrival, and Sky making her debut. On the other hand, it's been shit, with Justin and Beyonce and P!NK and Christina being heralded as true icons in an age when Dead Or Alive's greatest hits package slips by ignored, and 'Where Is The Fucking Bastarding Love' holds the record for being the longest-standing single to hold the number one since Cher release 'Beleive'.

Oh, fuck it, here's some lists:

Top Five Albums Of The Year:

1. Patrick Wolf, Lycanthropy - By a long shot.
2. Tatu, In The Wrong Lane - They're coming back, you know.
3. Rufus Wainwright, Want One - His new hair is ace.
4. Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Shoot From The Hip - If only for 'Physical'.
5. That Hedwig And The Angry Inch thing with Rufus and Yoko on it - It's called Wig In A Box, it's pretencious as sin, and it's great.

Honourable Mentions: Nelly Furtado, Folklore; Madonna, American Life; Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Fever To Tell; Kelly Osbourne, Changes; Peaches, Fatherfucker; Jamie Cullum, Twentysomething (his orginal songs are very, very good, and his take on 'Wind Cries Mary' is something else. And he's got a funny-shaped head, and wears baby blue Converse. And because I predicted that, because I hated him with seering passion, I'd fall in love with him a week later. And because I did); Liz Phair, Liz Phair (which should have been called Phairground, but we'll let her off); The Quim, Ready To Run; Har Mar Superstar, You Can Feel Me; Marilyn Manson, The Golden Age Of Grotesque (because 'and don't forget the violence' made me piss myself laughing); Girls Aloud, Sound Of The Underground (which, I'm afraid, doesn't hold up as an album as well as it does as a hits collection).

I have found myself revisiting the past a little too often this year, though. Because there hasn't been a great many fantastic albums released. Which is a shame, really, because now I can actually afford CDs, I still find myself visiting the £5.99 section.

Top Five Television Programmes Of 2003:

1. Neighbours - Well, what else?
2. Popworld - Britney. Blondie. Beenie!
3. Lizzie McGuire - Oh, Gordo, where for art thou? Roll on the new series!
4. That'll Teach 'Em - Not just for schoolgirl fetishists. Nick looked nice in his school uniform, too.
5. Buffy - I've been converted. I fucking love Willow.

What The Year Has Taught Us:

- Sometimes goodbye, thought it hurts in your heart, is the only way for destiny.
- When at first you do succeed, try not to look astonished.
- If you look forward to an album for ages, it will probably be shit. Unless it's by Patrick.

Top Six Most Anticipated Comebacks Of 2004:

1. Kate Bush. Please, Kate.
2. Patrick Wolf.
3. George Michael - Although something more like 'Freeek!' than 'The Grave' would be much appreciated.
4. Daphne and her friend, Celeste.
5. Yoko Ono.
6. Kelly Osbourne - Especially if she's employing the same sound as she did on 'Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas'.

To Be Continued.

1. She's out of her tree!
2. She's out of a bottle.
3. She wears really ace clothes, and has a teeshirt with her name on it.
4. She evidently has a fondness for pink.
5. She looks Polish.
6. She also looks a bit like Bjork, who isn't Polish.
7. She cites Pink, Avril,, Gwendaline and Madonna as her idols. She's not taking the piss.
8. Her official biography is even better than Guy's official biography (which reads as an American teen film director's take on the second coming).
9. She thinks the Polish judge is a cunt, and says really ace things in Polish, followed by 'You need God's help, I hate you'.
10. She's better than Will. And Guy. And Kelly. And Kurt. And all the other ones.


Sorry Guy.

Friday, December 26

World Idol Commentary

It's on.

Yay! James and Andrew! are they hosting? No, we're cutting to the UK to....Ant & Dec. Ok, James and Andrew are a lot more attractive than I gave them credit for.

The audience actually laugh at Ant and Dec's jokes? No-one ever laughed at James and Andrew's! Unfair!

Ok, the contestants are starting.

Germany - Holy crap. I can't even believe that was for real.

Netherlands - A Blue Feat. Elton John cover! Quite a good singer, rocking the glasses like Guy rocked the Fro, I see.

Pan Arabic - Aw, I like her! Great singer too! That said - in English next time please.

Belgium - Ha, Nirvana! I dig.

Judges, Simon Cowell and Pete Waterman are CRITICISING people for auditioning for Idol? The hell? 'If you were serious about music you wouldn't of auditioned'.'s your show, dickhead.

Sigh. *Whines*: When's Guy gonna come on?

South Africa - This guy's quite good looking. Aerosmith! Woohoo! Ok, love the the singing....good. Yes, very good.

Dicko rules! Oh yeah, and I hate the Polish judge and his lame-ass jokes.

I don't really understand Ant & Dec.

Where are you Guy?

Argh! It's little Alex!

Poland - It's the moment we've all been waiting for. Ok, I like the hair, I like the outfit....oh! Emotion! Well done Alex.

Yay! Alex hates the Polish judge too! Great, he SUCKS.

Seriously, he is a fucker.

I love Simon Cowell.

Canada - Another guy using glasses as a gimmick. Sheesh. He's alright. Love the song he sang, but he wasn't that outstanding.

USA - Kelly Clarkson! I know her! Gees, she looks....scared? Bored? Oh no, I hate to say it, but that was shit.

Damn, Kelly.

And she WAS the donkey.

Ok, James and Andrew say Guy is soon. WHERE IS HE?

Huh? Ant and Dec are bigging up Guy too? "Well, we bet you're wondering when Guy Sebastain's up?" That MUST of been especially recorded for the Oz viewers. As if anyone else cares when Guy's on.

But....yes.....he's next! Eeekk!

AUSTRALIA - Argh! Clips! It's the pimp coat! Go The Fro he is!

Guy, you fucking legend. I'm so proud.

Aw, it's a Guy/Dicko love in! Go the Aussies!

ARGH! Pete says Guy is gonna win!

Simon loves him too!

I luv Simon/Pete/Dicko/Guy 4eva!

UK - Oh yeah, there's other countries too. OH DEAR. Will SO doesn't want to be here does he? Fucking hell, he looks so disinterested it's not funny.

Or is that just how he is all the time? Cos now he's smiling. I dunno...

Polish judge can go to hell.

Norway - Isn't it quite surprising how many of the Idol winners are ugly? Good looking winners are the exception rather than the rule. Ooh, he's doing a bit of U2. Ooh...he's very crap. That was a shame.

Ha, Simon agrees about the ugo quotient! There ARE a shitload of ugly Idols.

That's it! It's all over!

Right, so it's a week till Guy is crowned World Idol! He honestly WAS the best, and even if I wasn't an Aussie I would be saying that. Probably.

Go. The. Fro.

It's Guy Day!


Good to hear Guy rocked. I'll still reserve my judgement untill I actually see the show, but I'm just assuming he was the best by miles.

It's quite surprising how much I've genuinely come to like young Guy after I at first loved him, then liked him, then couldn't stand him, then liked him again.

Still, I'm willing to bet the World Idol results go like this:

1. Kelly Clarkson
2. Will Young
3. Guy Sebastian

It's retarded, but hey, it's the way of the world.

Newsflash!: Just as I type, Guy is on Channel 10 news! They are saying he is 'one of the favourites to take out World Idol'. And he's wearing a white suit! And it seems to be a different version of Wonderful World than he sang on Oz Idol! There's hope yet.

PS: Good luck also to our 'Australian'* judge Dicko. He will surely rock also.

*Who's clearly English. And yet THANK GOD they didn't send Mark. The shame, the shame.


Look! It's Guy and Polish Girl! A match made in pop heaven.

I know I promised not to post anything until tomorrow afternoon, but I can't contain myself - I'm beside myself with excitement.

World Idol was ace!

- I was originally backing Guy because of his ridiculous hair, and because Will's not very good at singing 'Light My Fire'. No more! Guy's ace! He's bonza in an extreme, and can sing, and is ugly, but charming, and Pete Waterman likes him. So, vote for Guy, or Mel C will eat your soul!
- Your out of your depth. Out of her depth? Polish Girl is out of her tree! I love her!
- The Australian Judge: You have the voice of an angel, but you look like a hobbit. He's ace as well.
- Norwegian Hobbit Boy was actually quite good.
- Oh, and Will wasn't bad.
- Kelly Clarkson was shit, though. It's a shame that she's going to win.

Oh my God and Jesus as well! Kelly Osbourne's done a Christmas song, a Christmas song which far outdoes any other Christmas song I've ever heard before (except 'Alone This Holiday' by Kelly Osbourne's Ex, which, co-incidentally, features Kelly Osbourne).

Go here, and download 'Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas'.

Anybody who says she can't sing is clearly deluded.

She's better than Michelle off Pop Idol, anyway.

* - See what I did there? Fucking Kell! Fnar!

World Idol is on this afternoon in the Kingdom of Unity.

Shall I wait until it's graced Aussie shores before I post my contestant-by-contestant, judge-by-judge (we've got Pete!) breakdown?

[Yes please, if you don't mind. We're not getting it till tomorrow arvo! - Crystal]

Thursday, December 25

World Idol Tomorrow/ Welcome Back Michael

World Idol is going to rock. Very glad we are all on board with Guy, the greatest superstar this country has ever produced.

And, as my Christmas gift to you all, I'm back! Santa Claus has left me a new laptop - obviously he is finding Crystal's reign a tad disturbing (We went crazy for the final week of Felicity - no, we didn't, Crystal did).

So, by way of an update:

- I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad, that a song which I was listening to ages ago when I was really, really miserable (not to mention a song which is on the Alex Parks album) made it to number one at such a joyous time. It should have been The Darkness. Dan is hot. Yes. Really. And - and! - the media have championed 'Mad World' as being the best thing since Madonna in a can because it wasn't manufactured. It's a cover version! Of a Tears For Fucking Fears song!
- World Idol - how very exciting! Although, from what I've seen of the advert, Will is going to sing 'Light My Fire', which is a rubbish, rubbish song. I'll be championing Guy (is it wrong that I find him strangly attractive?). Or Heinz Winckler! Genius!

Bollocks. My (Christmas tree-shaped) toast is burning.

Wednesday, December 24

26 Days Till The Australian Open

Seriously, CAN'T WAIT. All other news will stop for the fortnight the tennis is on.

I was just reading the headline that disgrace to our country. Pat Rafter. is going to be staging a comeback at the Open, but I was relieved that it's only going to be for the doubles. Still, the amount of people that will flock to the court to see him will be ridiculous.

I hate to be a moron. but on that poster above, who is that supposed to be on the far left? Andy Rodick? All the others are obvious, but I can't think who the heck that is.

And yeah, that's wishful thinking, putting Lleyton in the centre like that. I predict a third round exit.

I'm going for Mark Philippoussis, as per usual, I suppose. And as per usual he'll be a giant loser.

So yeah, go the tennis.

Tuesday, December 23

Official Top 10 Legends Of 2003

1. Sky Mangel - Before she died, at least. The best Neighbours character ever, she rocked Ramsay st, and our hearts, this year. Long live Sky.

2. Jonny Fairplay - Well WE thought he was high-larious, even if no-one else did. Greatest Survivor ever.

3. Time Traveling Flick - We went crazy for the final week of Felicity when Flick and the gang found a time machine and went back millions of years to visit the dinosaurs. Fantastic stuff.

4. Millsy - He found, and lost, the love of his life in Paris Hilton, and was retrospectively the best Idol contestant. Let's pray he releases an album, as it will rock.

5. Boyd Hoyland - Boyfriend Of Sky also gets a place in the top five. Boyd's hair, crazy antics and his true love and devotion to Sky made him a legend this year.

6. Marky Mark - Marky Mark RAN this site for a good fortnight. He didn't exactly release any new records, but we certainly remembered how Bonza he was.

7. Kelly Osbourne - Always a legend, from now till the end of time.

8. Cameron Adams - WOULD have been number one, but took about 3 months off, leaving us with all the indie-loving HiT writers. That was just cruel. Still the best though.

9. Liz Phair - 'You don't even know who Liz Phair is'. That's right, we sure didn't! But now she is a popstar.

10. Guy Sebastian - The World Idol.

Sunday, December 21

Today's Guy Stories
First up: Guy Plays Some Cricket

Wow, what a top news story.

Other bits from today's paper:

Guy winning Oz Idol was named the 3rd best TV moment of the year. And there was quite a nasty blurb to go with it:

3. A frizzy-haired Christian virgin becomes the first Australian Idol: Surely there is hope for nerds everywhere if Guy Sebastian can win the hearts and votes of Aussie teenage girls.

I'd just like to point out that Guy isn't a nerd, he is a dork. There's a difference, and Guy is definitely the latter.

Ok, then there was an interview with runner-up Shannon Noll. And I quote:

I wished [Guy] all the luck in the world for International Idol

You spaz Shannon. It's WORLD Idol. Bring your brains along next time please.

Poster Time!
We were very kindly given some bedsheets to make a banner in support of our bonza little Aussie Guy Sebastian, to help him win World Idol.

And he IS gonna win!

I've been assured by a person of usually good taste that Guy's album is 'album of the year'. Well, I've had a listen and I wasn't that impressed. When Doves Cry is even better than his live version though, and that's saying something.

But you don't have to buy his music to support him! Guy for World Idol 03/04!

Saturday, December 20

A Present!
For a Debbie Gibson loving girl. It's our favourite Electric Youth moment, when the word 'possibilty' springs out from between Deb's hands!

Truly truly bonza!

And another present, for Lauren:

There ya go bud, request fulfilled!

Thursday, December 18

Guy Favourite To Win World Idol
According to our completely un-biased national press. But hey, I'm not going to argue with good sense.

Here's Guy striking a variety of poses, which I stole from his official site. (If you follow that link, be prepared to be alarmed by the Guy video message that greets you.)

Wednesday, December 17

We've Held Off Too Long...
The Jonny Fairplay Appreciation Post

I was too scared to admit my Fairplay admiration while Survivor was still running, but it's time to come clean - Jonny Fairplay is my favourite Survivor of all time.

I always like the most hated contestants though. I mean, I loved Skateboard Robb for Christ's sakes.

Hell yeah, Skateboard Robb ruled...

Anyway, the moral being - Survivor is still the best, and only good, reality TV show. It's All Star Survivor next, and unfortunately my two favourites aren't going to be on it. Damn it.

Oh, one more thing:

Jeff Probst? SO awesome.

The Who's Who In World Idol
I'm all of a sudden FILLED with the Aussie spirit. It's become pretty clear from looking at the World Idol contestants that Guy is about to kick some serious ass.

Here's a handy guide to who's who:

I for one think that Guy is looking fucking bonza and will do us all proud.

Tuesday, December 16

Go Guy!

Some people are turning their backs on the boy from Oz, which is just rubbish. I am really beginning to hope Guy takes out the World Idol title, it would be so bonza as.

Unfortunately, he is singing It's A Wonderful World, because you know, it is a wonderful world, especially when you've won Idol and are getting heaps of free stuff, which is a bugger, because it's a boring song and doesn't show how ace Guy can occasionally be. He SHOULD be doing When Doves Cry, then there would be no contest.

Still undecided on whether or not to get his album. It's like the fastest selling album of all time, no surprise, but of course it's probably mighty crap. It does have When Doves Cry, which is a plus, but then again, it also has It's A Wondeful World when you've won Idol and are getting heaps of free stuff. So, it's a hard decision.

Monday, December 15

Look At All The Madonna Crap Out Today

And I'm going to have to buy it all.

It kinda looks good, and it's always exciting to get new Madonna stuff, but having looked at the tracklistings, fans are pretty much buying the same thing four times. Bit of a rip-off, but oh well.

Confirmed Spatula
Who was spotted in a "squalid Rochester gay club" eyeing up the pretty boys this weekend?
None other than ex-pavillion favourite Taj!

This is exciting, and quite possibly a pavillion exclusive.
Unless it isnt, in which case there were also some lesbian dwarves*

*This is actually true as well

Saturday, December 13

I Don't Know Quite What To Say
If you are subscribed to the Mercury 4 mailing list, you would of recieved this in your inbox last night:

Okaaaay then.

(And once again, Christmas proves inescapable. Sigh )

Tonight Thank God It's Them, Instead Of You

I wouldn't of mentioned Christmas again if someone hadn't arrived here by typing into a search engine 'Band Aid Do They Know It's Christmas, awful offensive'. Yes it is. Both.

Though, it's no where near as offensive as New Kids On The Block's Funky Funky Christmas.

'Funky, dope jam top on your Christmas list, do you dig this?'

It just reinforces the fact that for a song to be considered a 'Christmas' song it only has to contain the word 'Christmas'. There aren't even any bells in it.

But...there IS a rap. There's about 4 actually. At times it's hard to tell if they're rapping, singing or just saying words.

'Slipping and sliding through the city streets
I'll be in town getting down to the Christmas beat
It's Danny D I'm here with Christmas cheer
no feeling to end the party of the year
It's going, I'm showing fresh rhymes I'm throwing
it's snowing outside but we ho-ho-hoing
Santa's on the way, sleigh bells are ringing, swinging, everybody start

'Have a funky funky Christmas, have a funky funky Christmas.
New Kids On The Block, let's rock, it's Christmas time.
We're gonna celebrate it with a rhyme.

Danny D, are you ready? - 'Ready as I'll ever be!'
Steady - you know, Joey Joe is ready
Jordan and Jon, yeah, come on, we got a funky, funky Christmas going on.
Have a funky...
Funky Christmas and a funky new year, I swear we got ourselves a party
Girls on the floor knows our posse at the door
Should I stop - nah cool - here's more of this song, a funky Christmas
'cause Jordan K feels so Christmasy
Throw your hands in the air pause, kick the ballistics Santa Claus'

It reads a lot better than it sounds.

Thursday, December 11

Go The Fro

Christmas sucks, but I sure do want a stocking stuffed with the new Guy Sebastian cd.

Go here to read Cameron Adams' interview with Guy from today's HiT. It's quite awesome, though unfortunately they've missed the best bits.

Like the fact that the cover of HiT was a dark shadowy picture of Guy with the headline:

'Australian Idol Guy Sebastian purges his inner demons. Yeah right.
The cleanest popstar ever answers the hard questions about his easy ride to the top'

Brilliance. Of the CA variety.

Anyway, heading into the HiT Guide To Music It's Alright For Crystal To Like, we have the Guy interview. What the Sun website doesn't have is the track-by-track album review. The best bit is this comedic moment where Guy explains his decision to record a cover of Louis Armstrong's What A Wonderful World:

'It is a wonderful world especially when you've won Idol and are getting lots of free stuff'

Guy, you are a comedy legend. Well done.

If you've done like I requested and read the interview, you would of seen these other highlights:

Guy:'I'm more into pop than R&B, probably. I don't think the next album will necessarily be so R&B. I love pop.'

It's like Guy is campaigning for my fandom.

And, call me a sap, but I loved this bit:

'You'll never see an offensive warning sticker on one of my albums, that'll never happen. I'll never sing anything that's going to be damaging to the youth of today.'

Well that's fucking brilliant Guy. And how sweet that he thinks he can make a difference.

Ok, so if you're still not convinced Guy is a bonza, he has this to say:

'Don't do something because it's the cool thing'

We sure won't Guy! We sure won't!

Ok, we officially state right here and now - Go Guy For World Idol!

It's A Brand New Pavilion

You know, I remembered that I hate Christmas.

What I love a lot more is Christina Aguilera, so she's takin' over the site. She's a lot like Santa Claus in way, spreading joy and happiness across the world.

Ok, so in the spirit of the fact it's almost a new year, and our 1st year anniversary (Jan 4th) it's a new Pavilion. This means all the rules are out the door. This means we hate Kylie. This means Oasis Week is just around the corner. This means a sudden change of heart over Guy Sebastian. This means pink is back! Forever!


Monday, December 8

GLP Advent Calendar

Today it's another Seasons Greetings from everyone in Take That! Those boys sure do like christmas!

There's even a scene that's straight out of Spiceworld. Someone else noticed!

This Groove may well be the worst song I've ever heard. And the video is horrific, like watching someone die on television, whilst they're writhing around trying to be sexy, which they should never, ever do.

Let Your Head Go is fucking brilliant, though.

Please don't release the hip hop album.

Best Album Track Of The Year
These are album tracks that are better than the singles, but will almost certainly never be singles.

The best album track of the year nominees are:

Pink Last To Know
Holly Valance Double Take
Liz Phair Little Digger
Sohie Ellis-Bextor I Am Not Good At Not Getting What I Want

And the winner is......

Sohie Ellis-Bextor I Am Not Good At Not Getting What I Want

Yay! The only truly good song on her album!

Sunday, December 7

Posh V Posh
It's official- Victoria Beckham is awesome.

God bless the internet where I can download Victoria Beckham videos and make hundreds of screencaps within minutes, because I'm willing to bet large amounts of money these videos never see the light of day in the most bonza county on earth.

The thing I love about these videos is that there are so many old skool Posh moments. There's even a scene that's straight out of Spiceworld.

First up there's This Groove. There's not much to see here, just a lot of this:

Trouble with this vid is there's a bit too much tryin' to be sexy, and not enough actually being sexy. None infact.

Ok, but onto the brilliant video:

It's Posh Spice! She's back! The video is actually hilarious, some of it unintentionally, some of it intentionally.

This Groove is the 'R&B' track, and Let Your Head Go is the pop/dance track. I've surprised myself, because even though it's the far inferior video, and it's R&B, I definitely prefer This Groove. Let Your Head Go is quite shit. But the video rules.

Wow, that means we've ended the year with TWO Spice Girls in the good books!

2003 - The Official Spice Girls Order

1. Emma Bunton - Second best song of the year, fourth best filmclip, and first best Spice Girl!
2. Victoria Beckham - Has remembered she's Posh, and has gone back to pop! (Even though we actually prefer R&B)
3. Geri Halliwell - Has shamed us all with her horrific cameo on Sex & The City, but she's still Geri.
4. Mel C - At least she's a REAL lesbian...
5. Mel B - Unlike some.