Wednesday, December 24

26 Days Till The Australian Open

Seriously, CAN'T WAIT. All other news will stop for the fortnight the tennis is on.

I was just reading the headline that disgrace to our country. Pat Rafter. is going to be staging a comeback at the Open, but I was relieved that it's only going to be for the doubles. Still, the amount of people that will flock to the court to see him will be ridiculous.

I hate to be a moron. but on that poster above, who is that supposed to be on the far left? Andy Rodick? All the others are obvious, but I can't think who the heck that is.

And yeah, that's wishful thinking, putting Lleyton in the centre like that. I predict a third round exit.

I'm going for Mark Philippoussis, as per usual, I suppose. And as per usual he'll be a giant loser.

So yeah, go the tennis.