Wednesday, May 26

We're Getting The Band Back Together...
Oooh, everything's blank. What can it all mean?

It means...we're back for a reunion tour!

Yes, after all the feuds, bust-ups and Blur-related catastrophes of the past few days, we are starting afresh. And we are taking an extensive tour of the Interweb, our archives, and whatever other bonza places we find along the way.

We've got lots of places to visit:

We'll be taking the highway to success, following the freelove freeway, breaking down on freeway 9, and taking a detour through Ramsay St along the way. We're not sure just quite WHERE all this will take us, but it will sure be a thrilling trip.

Stu's driving - of course! He'll be following the speed limit at all times, and getting into gear when necessary.

So join me, Stu, Damon & Michael as we take you on the ride of your lives.

We're setting off for our first location now! See you all soon!