Saturday, May 8

It's Time For Another Episode Of...
Damon Albarn's Harbor!
'Some days we're refusing to talk,
Some days we're ignoring the past,
Some days we're playing up a storm, with some cartoons'

Damon: Hello there! Today it's a very special edition of Damon Albarn's Harbor - coming to you live from Africa! I'm very excited! And today's special guest is a good friend of mine, Daniel Johns!

Damon: Hello Daniel, welcome
Daniel: Hi, thanks for having me
Damon: So Dan, what have you been up to lately?
Daniel: Well, I've just finished an album with my new side-project, The Dissociatives
Damon: A side-project hey? Like, away from your usual band?
Daniel: Yeah
Damon: Hmm. And what are your videos and such like?
Daniel: They're...animated
Damon: Right. How original of you.
Daniel: Well...
Damon: Daniel, are you by any chance a vegetarian?
Daniel: Yes I am...
Damon: And who did you get that idea from?
Daniel: Damon, I don't think you're the first popstar ever to become a vegetarian
Damon: Save it Daniel. And I'm not too happy about the first two letters of your name either.
Daniel: ...sorry.

Damon: Well that was great wasn't it? Gees...not even Africa can cheer me up now. That's it for this episode, goodbye.