Wednesday, May 19

It's Time For An ALL NEW AND IMPROVED Episode Of...
Damon Albarn's Harbor!

'Some days we've got a new attitude,
Some days we've got a fresh new start,
Some days we're just cooking up some jaunty vibes, and feeling great!'

Damon: G'day kids! We've got an all new and improved harbor for you now! No more grumpiness, no more grudges...happy times for all! Let's see who who our first guest is today!

Damon: Fantastic! It's Stu & The Police, promoting their brand new single 'The Laws Of Love'! Welcome to the show Stu!
Stu: Thanks for having us Damon.
Damon: No problem whatsoever! Would you like to head on over to the stage to perform the song now?
Stu: Sounds good.
Damon: Okay, here they are, Stu & The Police, performing their new single 'The Laws Of Love':

'When I brought you in for questioning
Your guilty heart showed through
But even though you were the perpetrator
I was a suspect too
I was an innocent victim, until...
I was proved guilty of loving you.

The first law of love is - Don't break my heart
The second law of love is - Don't tear me apart
The third law of love is - Forever be true
But if the laws of love are broken
Then I will arrest you

I thought our hearts
Were handcuffed together...'

Damon: Yeah alright, I think we'll stop it there.
Stu: We're only half way through the second verse!
Damon: Yeah, well that's all I want to hear. I'll tell you what should be illegal - that song.
Stu: I think you're headed down the highway for a kick in the head...

Damon: That's it for this episode. See you next time kids.

"The Laws Of Love" (BMG) In Stores Monday