Sunday, May 2

Is It Still Oasis Week?
I may have had a freak laptop accident, but I'm still going to Be Here Now to crap on about Oasis.

Last week, in an effort to complete my Oasis collection, I made a Top Secret purchase of Heathen Chemistry. On first listening I found it so shit I almost threw it away.

However, I've now discovered 4 songs I love. Admittedly, they're the 4 singles, so it's not like I've discovered an archive of rare unreleased outtakes, but let's just pretend.


- Songbird I do believe I detect a hint of a Jaunty Blur Vibe here.
- Little By Little The lyrics are kinda lame, and I hate Noel singing, but it's a brilliant song otherwise
- Stop Crying Your Heart Out My favourite thing in the world - a ballad
- The Hindu Times 'Cos God gave me a soul, in your rock 'n' roll babe'

All in all, quite bonza.