Tuesday, May 11

I've just linked The Love Pavilion on an application form for a work placement at the BBC, and need to grovel like I've never grovelled before, lest I be bored all summer long.

I'd just like to take this post to say how much I love the BBC, and all that it stands for, fine institution that it is.

Michael's Top Five BBC Shows, In Descending Order Of Aceness:

1. Neighbours - I'm quite enjoying its raunchy new image.
2. The Lizzie McGuire Show - Gordo was lying on the grass today, shooting enticing looks down the camera.
3. Top of the Pops Saturday - many people think Top of the Pops is shit, but they are actually wrong, and haven't realised that it's Tim Kash who is shit. Fearne Cotton should have her own channel. BBC Fearne.
4. Cash In The Attic - whatever happen to Jonti's jaunty vibe?
5. Blue Peter - you can expect a moving tribute to George the Blue Peter tortoise later this week.