Monday, May 24

Classic Neighbours

Watching the Classic Neighbours repeats is interesting viewing. This has absolutely nothing to do with the episodes themselves which are boring as all hell, but with the way you can reference them to the current episodes.

It's obviously no secret Neighbours recycles the odd storyline, but what is particularly amusing with Classic Neighbours screening, is that you can see the exact same storyline running parallel in the morning and the night. In the 12 months it had been off air, I'd forgotten about this phenomenon.

The best thing for me though is any shot of a little blonde toddler Sky. For some reason I find it amusing that she lives in Boyd's house. I wish she'd mention that in current times. And I also find it amusing that she has absolutely no interaction with Harold...he doesn't seem to care about her at all. (Harold's currently questioning his commitment to his Christian lifestyle.)

An episode the other day had me a little confused though. I spotted a familiar face sitting in the Coffee Shop...Michael Martin! Except, I think they were calling him Darren. There are three options here - 1. I wasn't hearing correctly. 2. He's pretending his name is Darren, or 3. The actor is playing a different character.

The best ever example of this was...and we're going back about 3/4 years now...when Charlene got a new boss at not-yet-Lou's Garage. It was...Karl Kennedy! Except, his name was Greg Cooper! He was on air for a good month too.

Anyway, I will keep watching to find out the mystery of this Michael/Darren double, to see if Sky ever visits her so-called favourite Grandpa, and of course, for the comedy stylings of Joe Mangel...