Sunday, April 18

KARMA POLICE (aka Token Ironical Pop Clip)
Stu: Oh man...I can't believe you picked this
Crystal: I know...our friends are gonna give us such a hard time tomorrow
S: Give YOU a hard time. Let me just state for the record - I did not approve of this clip
C: Aw come on's kinda good to dance to... it always gets people up dancing at a party
S: No, this is a shocker...
C: Aw, come on Stu, I've caught you dancing around to your Radiohead records!
S: I do not own any Radiohead records! That's a lie!
C: Yeah you do. Come on, admit it....they're kinda fun...they do get you smiling.
S: No way. This is shameful.
C: Yeah, I know....ah well, it's just for a laugh...erm, I hope we can live this down...I mean, it is just to get you up dancing and here it is, Radiohead 'Karma Police'.....

'Karma police....arrest this man, he talks in maths...'

(Just for the record, I do like this song, so it's going on the sidebar)