Thursday, January 8

Pet Shop Boys think Australia hates them - Australia has good right to, at the moment. The new material is a bit shit, isn't it? They say Oz hates them because we like 'rock' - C

Britney's wedding is 'Not Hot' - Yes, this is true. Britney is not supposed to be part of a celebrity couple, Britney is not supposed to be part of any couple. This is not her function. Unless it's with Justin - C

Steve Irwin is an idiot - This is true. I was all geared up to posting a Michael Jackson got slaughtered for doing the same thing rant last night. But then I didn't. He's getting crucified for it! Here at least. He is a fuckhead - C

Don't buy 'Remixed and Revisted' - This is what is 'RUBBiSH' (see what I did there?). Go forth, and buy it in your droves. It's ace! Yeah, you had to ask ME the other day if you should buy it. Don't diss the CA verdict, please - C

What the hell is going on with Kylie? - Kylie has, officially, jumped the shark. CA and I still love her - C

Girls Aloud: 'Edgy' - They are in danger of becoming too big for their own boots. To be fair, he said 'Jump' was edgy. I know it's not, but that's what he said. - C


* - I wanted to be super clever, and title this post SHiT, but Crystal would have seen me fed to Melanie C. So I didn't., M. Yes I would have. It's The Bible - C