Saturday, November 15

Yesterday's 'Fantastic' Episode Of The Sleepover Club

I don't care if you're sick of hearing about it, I've got some complaining to do.

Yesterday they dragged out the most contrived plotline of all time: Putting on a concert to prevent a local landmark from being closed down.

All of a sudden one of the characters had an older brother who was in a band. Where was he yesterday? Oh, he hadn't been conveniently invented for a lame plotline, that's right.

Ok, so, the major problems with this episode:


This is something that really bugs me. Accents were just coming and going in yesterday's program. The main character, Frankie, was changing accents mid-sentence. She also used the word 'naff', which no Australian has ever used, ever. But the worst was the 'older brother who was in a band', who was supposed to be English, but kept changing which region he was from every second sentence, and at one stage yelled something in a completely Aussie accent. At least his little sister spoke in a consistently bad accent.


Ok, this was kinda vaguely interesting, but only compared to everything else about the show. A bit of a musical sub-plot can never be a totally bad thing. But the band were so lame.


I laughed out loud when one of the characters pretended to speak to Kylie on the phone. Like, YEAH RIGHT.

And there was this line from one of The Band's songs:

'Don't ask Posh & Becks, and put it on the net!'

Yeah, it didn't make any more sense in the context of the song either.

But the most amusing part of the whole episode was one of the girls saying, 'When I lived in London, I bought heaps of singles from bands'.

I know. We just have to tape songs off the wireless over here. None of those new-fangled compact discs for us!

There was just so much else wrong with this episode as well, but we'd be here all day.

I admit I'd quite like it if the band were in future episodes. You know, for the entertainment. Also...I admit I taped the show yesterday. It has evil powers.