Saturday, November 8

Worst Single (And No.1) Of The Year

This song seriously has the worst lyrics ever. ADMITTEDLY, it's kinda catchy and heaps fun to sing along with, but SO embarrassing if you actually had to record it and release it as a single.

These are personally the most offensive lyrics to me:

- 'We've got to rise up and fly like eagles
Rise up through the sky'

- 'We're going hard, giving it all
We've been knocking on wood with our backs to the walls'

(Ok, that barely even makes sense)

- 'Inside the sweat, inside the heat
In each and every heart there's a pounding beat'

- 'Each of us has put up, one hell of a fight
And as we face the final test
All that we can do is to do our best'

I feel sorry for my favourite members of the final 12 (Cle, Levi, Rob) having to sing that.