Saturday, November 8


Anthony Sumbati

The word loser was invented for this guy.

Has any Idol contestant anywhere in the world been as despised as Anthony Sumbati? He, hands down, was responsible for the most cringing moment in Australian TV history:

'Dad, please say you're proud of me!'

I still shudder at the memory. And it was just so much worse that he was bawling his eyes out as he said it. Oh.My.God. It was such a 'quick, change the channel!' moment.

To top it off, he was an attention seeking, no-self esteem moron who racked up a $2000 phone bill voting for himself. And his performances redefined the term FUCKING TERRIBLE.

But then.

There was justice.

Sweet sweet justice. There was The Best News We Had Ever Heard

'Anthony Sumbati Disqualified From Australian Idol'

There is a God.

Unfortunately, he has yet to fuck of into oblivion. He is still milking his 15 minutes for all it's worth, and I can't understand why it's allowed to continue. He needs to GO AWAY NOW.