Thursday, November 27

Poor Australia. Not only did they lose the tennis or the cricket or the rugby or something*, but they also have to endure The Sleepover Club when they get in from school. Which is a shame, because after school television in the UK is fantastic!

3:45 - Arthur. Arthur is a genius, and DW is a huge legend. Although they seem to be chopping the episodes up at the moment, and playing them in a different order, so that we don't realise that they're being repeated. But we do! Still, we're not that botherd.
4:30 - My Parents Are Aliens. I think I'm in love with Sophie.
Best Line In A Song Ever: Lucille, social freak. Brian - genius.
5:00 - Byker Grove used to be on, but now it is not. Blue Peter is sometimes good. SmART is not.
5:25 - Newsround. The executive producer on Newsround is called Sinead Rocks.
5:35 - Neighbours!
6:00 - Sometimes I watch The Salon, sometimes I watch The Simpsons. Unless I'm out, being glamorous and exciting.

* - Since when do British people care about rugby?