Friday, November 7

Top Five Best Oz Idol Performances

In honour of me downloading Shannon's performance of What About Me and playing it all day, here are the ultimate top 5 performances of the entire series:

1. Guy When Doves Cry - The standout by miles. I was so impressed by this, and convinced he needed to win the whole thing on the strength of it. I've seen the light, but it was still fucking bonza.

2. Shannon What About Me - I wish he'd release this as his debut single, it's so perfect for him. SO Aussie, and usually I'd cringe at any performance of it, but Shannon's rendition of it rules the world.

3. Cosima When The War Is Over - Before her voice went spaz it was awesome, as demonstrated when she sung this.

4. Levi Rock Your Body - Aw, I remember Levi! He ruled. His version of Rock Your Body was mighty excellent too.

5. Rob Too Close - Only because he shocked me by being good at R&B. Really good infact.