Friday, November 7


I don't think anyone would disagree with me if I said that Rob Mills was the greatest Australian of all time. I know I've certainly become a giant fan since he's left the competition, and I'm begining to wish he was still in it.

Some Rob Mills links:

Rob Mills Fanlisting - I've sure joined!
Rob Mill's IMBD profile
Millsy Online A very bonza site
Download his single Dirty Girl It's awesome (Deserves to be No 1.)
Rob Mills message board
Millsy blog
Rob Mills yahoo group

And if you get onto Winmx or the like, you can download all his songs from Oz Idol.

Top 5 Millsy Songs:

1. Dirty Girl - Actually fits perfectly for Paris doesn't it? But seriously, this is ultra bonza. I might have to buy the Oz Idol cast album just to get it.
2. Too Close - He did a great performance of this on R&B night.
3. Angels - Must of performed this 2 or 3 times during the comp. Quite good.
4. When You Say Nothing At All - Though ignore the Irish accent he puts on when he sings this
5. Take Me Back - The only thing I remember from his performance of this: Eyeliner.

Also, he's a Collingwood supporter:

His legend status cannot be questioned. I mean, look at the facts:

- Shags Paris Hilton
- Collingwood supporter
- From Melbourne
- Best buds with Courtney Act
- Shameless famewhore
- Sings good pop tunes
- Might be on Neighbours

I mean....that list cannot be improved. He is a legend of gigantic proportions, let's face it.