Sunday, November 9

Rob Mills - We Honestly Like Him Now
There was an exact moment this afternoon when my Rob Mills love switched from being...well, if not ironic then at least over-the-top sarcastic, to being genuine.

It was this article in the Herald Sun.

'Last Saturday Millsy was wrapped around his girlfriend Lisa Migilore (pictured), posing for pictures mid-Darby Day

However, by 4:30pm the relationship had run it's course after an explosive performance at the taxi rank.

All of which left Millsy not a love rat, but rather a man free to work whatever magic it is he possesses on party girl Paris Hilton.

The Mills/Migilore romance expired after Migilore threw a tantrum at the taxi rank. Instead of joining a queue, she decided to throw Millsy's minor celebrity weight around, marching to the front and demanding they get the next cab.

She was yelling at at people 'Don't you know who who he is? It's Millsy. What is wrong with you people?'

Witnesses say that, after being told to shut up and get to the back of the line, Migilore dissolved into tears and dramatically sobbed on Mills shoulder.

Mills appeared mortified by her actions and ended their brief romance soon after'.

See? Legend.