Saturday, November 29

Justin Timberlake

I was just thinking about the fuckload of singles JT's released since he went solo. 7 all up, and 6 this year.

Three of them were really awesome:

- Cry Me A River
- Work It
- Rock Your Body

And three of them were really shit:

- Where Is The Love
- I'm Lovin It
- Senorita

Top 6 Best Bits In Justin Timberlake Songs:

1. Drums.
2. You dont have to say. What you did. I already know. I found out from hiiiiim.
3. It feels like something's heatin' up, can I leave with you? Ladies!
4. Gentlemen goodnight, Ladies good mornin'
5. How Heavy Is That?
6. It's just Justin

I actually can't wait for Justin's next album. I have a feeling it's going to be the most awesome album of all time.