Friday, November 14

Holly Valance's Album
It's not exactly set the charts alight has it? Oh well, at least it's set our hearts alight. Oh, it hasn't done that either. It is quite good though... But, I should of listened to some Good Advice from HiT yesterday, in the form of a 2 star review, and perhaps left it on the shelf.

Ok, I know I ALWAYS say something is the Best Song Ever, but this time I mean it. I'm seriously in love with Double Take. I love it more than Paris loves Millsy. If that's possible.

What perplexes me is that I've never heard any review of the album rave on about it. Are people deaf and stupid? It's a fucking masterpiece.

Top 5 Best Songs On State Of Mind:

1.DOUBLE TAKE: - As just stated, it's brilliant. It's like a giant ball of bonza exploded.

2. ROLL OVER: - Oh! Oh! Do you know what this reminds me off? Madonna's White Heat. That is the highest of praises.

3. HYPNOTIC: - This is what Kylie's new album was supposed to sound like. But it DOESN'T, does is Kylie? Oh well, congratulations Holly

4. RICOCHETS: - Ok, this is actually shit and I wouldn't recommend it, but...I like it. It sounds like a Nikki Webster ballad.

5. STATE OF MIND: - Am I the only on that gets an INXS vibe from this? It's what I always think when I play it, even if it's a bit illogical.

In other news, ALL the pictures in the booklet are more attractive than the cover. And she skanks it up quite a bit, which I like to see.