Thursday, November 20

HiT & MiSS

Cameron Adams had a strange lapse in taste today where Kylie was concerned. First of all - he gave Body Language four stars. Now, as much as you love Kylie, Body Language is not worth four stars.

(Unless it is. I'm just saying, BL has definitely gotten better, and if it keeps it up, it could even take out album of the year. But at this stage: 4 stars? Insane)

Anyway, the review was wrong wrong wrong. It said I Feel For You was a good song? That song is straight from hell. And he liked SOMEDAY?

However, the review DID start with the sentence: 'Dannii Minogue must be spewing', which was brilliant for all sorts of reasons all of which involve the word 'spewing'.

BUT THEN. In his cover story on Kylie, Cameron Adams said One Boy Girl was 'dire.' THAT IS WRONG INFORMATION. One Boy Girl is my fave Kylie non-single, and there is no way it's anything even resembling dire.

'Hey Yo Kylie!'
'Mmm hmm?'
'What's up with this One Boy Girl thing?'
'Let me break it down like that!'

Best bit. In a Kylie song. Ever.