Friday, November 28

Hey Folks, It's Time For A New Segment We Like To Call:

Every week Gino tell us all the things we aren't supposed to know about one of our favourite Ramsay St residents. This week - It's Lyn Scully's turn.

'I know Lyn Scully well, as she runs my salon A Good Hair Day and I am Godfather to her baby son Oscar. Everyone knows that Lyn is a great hairdresser, and a top mum to five unruly kids, but did you also know that...

- Some of Lyn's clothes are made from real animals! Lyn hides the receipts so Joe will never know how much she spends! Oh yeah, and she doesn't tell the animal rights groups either. Shhh...

- Lyn uses 27 different shades of hair dye on her hair!

- Whilst he was in 'England!', Lyn completely forgot her son Jack existed! That sure was embarrassing when he showed up!

- To annoy Lori, Lyn used to put one and a half spoons of sugar in her coffee, instead of two like Lori requested! That sure was sneaky, and Lori never found out!

- Lyn's favourite TV show is Punk'd with Aston Kutcher, but if she gets caught watching it she changes the channel fast! But I've caught her, having a laugh at practical jokes!

- Lyn has a small crush on Stuart Parker, and sometimes she slashes her own car tyres, just so she has an excuse to go to the garage!

Well, those are all the shocking true facts I know about Lyn Scully. Next time - all the scandalous goss on another Ramsay St resident! I hear it all you know!

xx Gino

More than we ever needed to know about Lyn Scully, I'm sure! Thanks a heap Gino!