Friday, November 14

Has Mel C Seriously Injured Herself?

I mean, I know she had a bungle, but I thought she'd be at and up and at 'em by now. But is she still a cripple?

That's not really very good news is it? I mean, this time a couple of years back, I WISHED Mel physical pain, I WISHED her chart failure. And now she's got both. It's all worked out brilliantly for me. But not for Melanie, obviously.

And it's so ironic, poetic justice even, that the so-called 'Sporty Spice' got her comeuppance competing in a 'sporting' event. One for c-grade has-been celebrities at that.

But it's not nice to make fun of the disabled. As David Brent would say 'Look at them, they're not able-bodied. I am, I'm prejudiced'.

And there's no fun in teasing Mel C anymore anyway. Which is a shame, because it WAS fun. I almost want her to become successful again, so that it can resume.

But what I want more? A successful Victoria Beckham comeback! That would teach Mel C a good lesson once and for all.