Monday, November 10


I hate Body Language.

It's not a hasty reaction, I've forced myself to listen to it 4 times. 'Forced' being the operative word, I just wanted it to end.

+ + = Really bad Kylie album.

It's not even dislike, it's actual hate. It's not necessarily because it's a shit album, but it's not my kind of music at all. There's no way I can force myself to like it, and if it wasn't Kylie I wouldn't buy it. Infact, I'm not even bothered about getting it the week it's released now.

BUT - I will get Britney's on the 17th now! That's because her's is actually good. I think she can replace Kylie in the sidebar actually...

But back to Kylie. Damn.

Track By Track:

SLOW - Slow's still good, I'm actually not even sick of it yet. Oh, and congrats on the Oz number 1 Kylie! That is some good news. But yeah, Slow's fine.

STILL STANDING - This is a Prince song. Which wouldn't be a bad thing....except it is. It just really is.

SECRET (TAKE YOU HOME) - Still love this. It better be a single. Kylie raps, and it's a whole heap of bonza.

PROMISES - This is just...blah. Ashanti springs to mind when you hear this song. NEVER A GOOD THING.

SWEET MUSIC - Not terrible, and I've gotta give it props for 'Slap the high hat in, put the fairlight on the track', but it's still fairly unremarkable.

RED BLOODED WOMAN - And to think I thought this would be one of the most shit songs on the album when I first heard it. It's actually one of the best. In comparison I mean. Probably a single, and it's quite catchy and the most pop thing on here...but it's still not that good.

CHOCOLATE - This is a George Michael song. 100%. It's really quite bonza, if not a little boring. It does however contain the best bit of the album, at around the 3:09 minute mark. LOVE that bit.

OBSESSION - It's ok... Once again, completely average though. You'd have to skip it, and Kylie should be doing songs 1000 times better than this.

I FEEL FOR YOU - Ok.....I don't want to be over dramatic or exaggerate, but I would rather kill myself than hear this song ever again. Seriously...I will It offends my ears.

SOMEDAY - Er, I honestly can't remember how this went. But I don't think it was very good.

LOVING DAYS - This is quite a good slow kinda song. But if it was by anyone else I wouldn't listen to it. But in the grand scheme of Kylie's career, it's certainly quite nice and better than other songs like this she's attempted.

AFTER DARK - Hmm...not a very good ending to the album. Boring.

SLO MOTION - Bless the Australian bonus track. I don't know why it's not on all versions, as it's better than half the other songs here. That said, it's quite crap.

I hate myself for hating this album. It wasn't supposed to be this way Kylie.