Friday, May 21

'Always Tomorrow' - this song featured on the Princess Diaries soundtrack, and it is, quite possibly, the best girly-pop ballad ever to be recorded. It has it all! The faux-soulful vocals! The jaunty Motown-ballad vibe! The talky bit! The fantastic opening line ('You' - that's 'You' with an H - 'have got to have the blueest eyes I've ever seen')!

This is my first attempt at joining in Gareth's MP3 Pavilion, so you'll forgive me if it doesn't actually work - you'll forgive me, and blame Jessica, who sorted out my FTP problems (sorted them out as in suggesting an alternative - seriously, BTOpenworld, your FTP service is fucking shocking!).

Until next time...

Did I authorise this? - Crystal

By offering to host it on your server, yes, you did Cameron Adams did it and ran away - Michael.