Sunday, January 11

Yay, it's happening! - According to The Sun. The Sun tells lies. I really, really hope they are releasing it, though.

I love the fact that we hear news of a Greatest Hits album a week after Melanie C was dropped parted company with Virgin records, given that Mel C was the only Spice Girl holding them back from doing it since she became too big for her shell toes.

They have to do it right, though.

- They have to get Geri involved, even if it is only in her appearing on the album artwork.
- The album artwork has to be black.
- They have to include 'W.O.M.A.N', the song they should have released instead of 'Holler'.
- They have to record at least one new song, so they have a single to promote it.
- They have to go to number one. Or else.


It's better than Let's Get Bonza!.

1. Spice Up Your Life
2. W.O.M.A.N.
3. Wannabe
4. Let Love Lead The Way [the one off Forever, with Mel B's ad-libs on it]
5. We Hate Mel C (She's Really Shit) - the new single, obviously.
6. Outer Space Girls
7. Too Much
8. Right Back Atcha
9. Never Give Up On The Good Times
10. Who Do You Think You Are?
11. 2Become1
12. Say You'll Be There
13. Move Over
14. We Wish Mel C Had Left Instead Of Geri - the b-side.
15. Stop
16. Viva Forever
17. If U Can't Dance
18. The Lady Is A Vamp
19. Goodbye