Friday, November 21

G'day, it's Taj here! Ignore my name at the bottom of this post, because now I DO live in Ramsay St! And boy, am I having fun.

Which got me to thinking - hasn't the entire year been fun? Yes it has, which is why I'm conducting my own awards show, The Taj Awards, commemorating the very best of the year!

Let the awards begin!

Taj's Girlfriend Of The Year

The Nominees are:

1. Nina Tucker
2. Libby Kennedy
3. Edwina Jones

And the winner is....

Nina Tucker!

Well done Nina!

Stalking Location Of The Year:

The nominees are:

1. The Erinsborough public pool
2. Erinsborough High media room
3. The bushes outside Libby's house

And the winner is...

Erinsborough Pool!

All were prime locations for my favourite pastime, but the pool is where the action really went on.

Worst Storyline Of The Year:

The nominees are:

1. Life Mechanics
2. Life Mechanics
3. Life Mechanics

And the winner is....Life Mechanics!

Just end this storyline NOW. Thank you.

Criminal Of The Year:

1. Tahnee
2. Darcy
3. Ruby

And the winner is...Darcy!

Ruby was pretty bad-ass too, and my sister Tahnee is a rocking chick, but who could go past Darcy and his pregnant woman-bashing, Aunty Susan's jewels-stealing ways?

The Karl & Susan Award For Couple Of The Year:

The nominees are:

1. Taj (me) and Libby
2. Sky and Boyd
3. Jack and Izzy

And....the winner is......


Not that I ever spend any time with these two dweebs, but apparently they rule.

And finally....The big one...


The Nominees are:

1. Taj
2. Sky
3. Boyd

Shit, how can you pick it?

There's me, with my stalking and teacher-lovin', Sky with her crazy hairstyles and wild ways, and Boyd with his dreadlocks. It's been a great year for all three of us.


The winner is...


Congratulations Sky, on winning Ramsay St Resisdent Of The Year!

Well, that's it from me for this year. See you all next year!