Sunday, November 9

Read My Body Language Australian Idol Verdict

Song By Song:

The Worst Song Title Ever In The History Of Existence Angels Brought Me Here: Well, they both sung this and they both sucked. I'm so ashamed that this is our debut Idol single.

Please Forgive Me - I LOVE this song, and Shannon nailed it.

I'll Be There - Awful song, and I didn't really watch Guy's performance. But it sounded like it blew.

Working Class Man - Congratulations Shannon, you are the king of Jimmy Barnes impersonators.

Crazy In Love - Who knew Guy was a pimp? And what was WITH the fake nose ring? That said... the song was kinda ok.

Ok, the bad news: The ratio of GO GUY signs to GO SHANNON signs was about 4:1. Guy is clearly the favourite to win.

But he is, as we know, unbonza. Out of principle, I'm voting for Shannon, and everyone should do the same.