Tuesday, November 11

Mr Average

A Current Affair and Today Tonight both ran stories tonight promising 'The truth about Idol contestant Guy Sebastion'.

Having seen these ads over the past 24 hours, and seeing as they both seemed to be running similar stories, I thought for a second there might be something interesting about Guy.

But there wasn't.

Because there isn't.

Sigh. It's a shame Guy is so vanilla. Because he is a good singer, and if you watch his very first Idol audition the judges tell him 'hands down, the best voice we've heard today.' It would be really pretty bonza if someone who was obviously the most talented from day one won. Also, he has great hair, wears clothes that are the bomb, and does a mean Prince impersonation.

So where's the problem? Well, Guy is lame. And it's hard to describe why. When he's performing he doesn't seem lame at all, he seems like a giant kick-ass legend. But, it's when he stops that's the problem. You think he's going to be Kelly Osbourne, and he turns out to be Ronan Keating.

I think Guy's got people tricked into thinking he's interesting. I was even fooled myself for a while. Those were happy times for Guy and I. But they've ended. And I wish they'd end for the Australian public as well.